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For cookies to work your browser needs to be configured to accept cookies or that you agree to accept cookies from our website during the Sign In process. To change your cookies setting consult the Help facility of your web browser. If problems remain, you should check the following:

1) Check to see that your computer system time is accurate. Cookies are time sensitive and may not work if your computer date is incorrect by a large amount.

2) Re-configure or turn off any third party programs or control panels that automatically reject cookies.

What is a cookie?

In order to be able to Sign In to our website we use a feature of your web browser called a "cookie". We need to send a cookie to your browser. A cookie is a small file which contains a piece of text which identifies you on our web site. It is very common for online communities to use cookies. The cookie, by itself, only contains a session number helping us keep track of you as you use our site, and preventing you for having to Sign In for every single page. It doesn't tell us who you are, or your e-mail address or anything else personal. No personal details are contained in the cookie, and they are not used to retrieve any personal information. We assure you that we will never use the cookie to obtain any private or personal information. So for your browsing experience with us to be as smooth and painless as possible, please make sure that your browser is set up to accept our cookies, and please don't delete them.
This solution is for the partner or site owner. As customer you don't need to take action as the partner is automatically notified when this error occurs. There are a few possible issues for the partner:

1) Your PayPal API username, password, or signature are incorrect. To get the correct data see "How to setup PayPal" in the PayPal Details of your My Account > Settings page.

2) Your PayPal API permissions are incorrect. For the minimal persmissions for your store to work see "How to setup PayPal" in the PayPal Details of your My Account > Settings page.

3) PayPal has consolidated or updated permissions for your PayPal account that need to be confirmed/saved. On how to get to your PayPal permissions see "How to setup PayPal" in the PayPal Details of your My Account > Settings page.

If you believe to be in another specific situation or the above solutions are not working please contact us.