My strength originated as a high level American Football player for my University. I played Linebacker, Left Tackle and Running back over 3 years. Where I won team MVP (most valued player) two years running. During this time I gained vast knowledge of strength and conditioning by training under top
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I am now skipping first thing in the mornings, approximately 3-4 times per week. Accompanied by Scitec BCAA's. This is one of my favourite forms of HIIT.

A) you don't have to go far from where you live to find a suitable area, you can quite easily skip next to your house. Thats travel time to/from the gym or park completely avoided.

B) its very effective for the time spent doing it. 15 minutes skipping can burn just as many calories as a 40 minute run.

C) it doesn't require any quad drive. This is an odd one to state for a reason to do a particular form of cardio. However, if you are training legs twice per week, which I generally do, then your going to find yourself with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) a lot of the time, and DOMS make running and cycling pretty tough! And painful! Whereas skipping simply requires a hopping motion which I find I can be easily sustained even with soreness.

It may take you some time to adjust to becoming an efficient skipper  :P..... but once you get the hang of it you'll be unstoppable!
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A collection of photos from various shoots.
Posted on May 26, 2014

This weekend my client Joshar Andac won the WFC on the Sunday at BodyPower Expo becoming a sponsored athlete. my training/nutrition/posing alone isn't enough to make someone a star, he did all the hard work and it was his personality that gave him the edge. But nonetheless I'm very proud to think that I helped guide him towards it. Josh was fun project for me.

From Josh:
"Special thank you to David Bissell who coached me for the months up to competing. Met David last year (top picture). I was so impressed after seeing him on stage winning fit factor, and he inspired me to step on stage myself! If you are thinking about competing in the future and want to bring your best on stage get in touch with him! Plus nicest guy you will ever meet!"

When Josh first met David - Josh winning the WFC
Posted on May 26, 2014

Barbell squats 12 reps x 4 sets... Going heavy whilst perfect form obviously Then a burn out set of 50 reps doesn't matter about how long it takes.
Box squats - 6-8 reps x 3 sets ensure the weight is heavier than your normal squat also..I use a bench and make sure you adapt a rest pause pattern so really full 1 second at bottom of the rep on the bench and rest.. Then power up..
Smith machine time all on the machine keep the weight the same for both exercises..chair squats x 10 reps supersetted with sumo squats 10 reps x 4 sets.
Leg extensions x 10/20/30 starting heavy and lowering weight...
Hamstring curls x 10/20/30 same as before..
If your feeling fine go and do a few heavy leg presses to finish off...
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Simple and effective abs training. See the video below:

Full workout:
Hanging leg raises 3x12
Cable crunches 3x12
Oblique crunches 3x16
Decline crunches 3x10 reps, super set with;
Incline leg raises 3x(max amount)
Woodchops 3x16 reps, super set with;
Broom twists 3x20 reps
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