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A couple of months ago around 200 athletes helped me with some advice for the branding for a new supplement range.

You're favorite name was GSN (Gym Sports Nutrition) followed by Athlete Formula. Feedback was that although the GSN was a great branding, it was a bit close to USN. Athlete Formula was a strong brand identity but needed to be able to be abbreviated. Combing this feedback we settled on a Merger of the two.

AFN (Athlete Formula Nutrition)

We now have the samples ready for trial and are looking for 150 athletes to send them to for advice and feedback. Ideally we are looking for athletes who offer personal training services / online coaching. This is because we want to create a range that meets the needs of athletes and their clients.

Enter your details and we will select 150 of you (base on bodyprofile account). We will send 1 of each to each successful person.
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