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My ethos in the capacity of fitness relating to physical exercise is quite simple: I employ high volume techniques coupled with intensity techniques. I have found this approach to be most conducive to people's fitness goals, as well as my own, primarily because it is extremely taxing. I take the view that as muscular growth and fat loss are, at base, the changing of the body due to the stresses placed upon it; so then must we provide dramatic cues for the body to change. That is to say, the body will not change unless we give it a reason to. I take my exercise regimes to be challenging. Clients are advised to have been training for at least 3 months prior to considering one, unless I am made aware of this not being the case. I will make use of drop sets, negative repetitions, High Intensity Techniques from the 1990's as well as volume from the 1970's. These exercise regimes will get you exactly where you want to be physique wise, provided they are coupled with a sound diet. How it works: 1. Upon purchase, a detailed questionnaire will download. 2. Once you have filled this in, email it to 3. I will then, within 48 hours maximum, produce you a nutritional plan/eating regimen and feeding schedule tailored to the desires you outline in the questionnaire and send it to you. N.B. Please be patient as designing nutritional plans for my clients does take time! 4. Upon receipt of your nutritional plan I advise you to go through it at least once. If there is anything that you do not understand/I can clarify for you, please E-mail me and I will make any amendments you cannot accommodate, and clear up queries for you. 5. Then I shall offer you follow up Skype Consultations at a reduced price thereafter, as well as any amendments you wish to make (amendments will, in most cases, be free.)
What you will get:
A detailed explanation of your exercise schedule including:
Exercises, Repetitions, Intensity Techniques, on a 2-week cycle, as well as Rory tips and tweaks to get the absolute most out of the exercises. I can also give guidance on supplements where required. An explanation of WHY I have suggested certain exercises and how they will achieve what you have detailed as desired in the questionnaire.
I love helping people to achieve their fitness and physique goals and I take great pride in providing them with the tools to do so; but this regime is just that, the tool. It is you who must put the effort in, this plan is a blueprint to the physique you want and if you follow it, and you contact me with any questions or anything I can help you with, I can promise you that we will ensure you look how you desire. I look forward to working with you.
Title: Exercise Regime
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