Handmade Swarovski Custom stagewear

Thank you for stopping buy our profile and considering an RMDPro range bikini to help showcase your best self on stage this season.

By doing so you are choosing a premium quality product, handcrafted with passion and over 20years experience from our humble workshop right here in the UK.

As a token of our gratitude and commitment to quality, we offer free tweeks and corrections to ensure when you step on stage your bikini shines as brightly as you do xx

Contact me now on 07967485175 for more information on how to choose all the elements of your custom suit and for a quote!

Prices start from £195 and range all the way to £595 and above depending on style crystal coverage, etc. There too much to cover here so contact me today!

check us out on social media @RMDProbikini (instagram) @stagebikini (facebook)

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Added: October 20, 2016
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£ 195.00
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