BodyPRO May 2017

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This competition is now accepting applications, click here for full competition timetable. Whilst the first round is online you must be willing to travel to your chosen mentor if you make it to the finals. To apply all you will need is to have your Twitter username added to your BodyProfile account. See here for full rules.
Mens Physique
Mens Physique
Mens Physique
How To Apply Via Twitter
The best way to apply is using Twitter, it will automatically upload your selfie to the applicants section and notify the mentor that you have applied to them.
All you need to do is attach a current unedited self-picture (taken with camera phone) and tweet the example text shown alongside replacing @mentor with the Twitter username of your selected mentor. You can see the username options above.
How To Apply With Our Online Form
How To Apply Via Email
If you are having problems applying then email your self-picture to together with your BodyProfile username and the name of your preferred mentor. Be aware this will not automatically notify the mentor and it will take longer to appear online.